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Ministry of Commerce of the PRC announced new measures on handling complaints from foreign companies

To promptly and effectively deal with foreign-invested enterprises complaints, protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors, continue to optimize the environment for foreign investment, the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC released the “Foreign-invested Enterprises Complaints Measures” (referred to as the ” Measures ” ), which has been effective since 1 October 2020.

According to the “Measures”, the complaints from foreign-invested enterprises or foreign investors are divided into two major categories. One is that if the administrative actions of administrative agencies and the respective staff infringe the legal rights of the foreign-invested enterprises or foreign investors, they can apply to the complaint agency for coordination and resolution; Second, they can reflect the existing problems in the investment environment for enhancing and improving the relevant policies and measures.

The complaint agency shall settle the accepted complaints within 60 working days from the date of the acceptance. If the complaints are complicated and involving different departments, the processing period can be extended appropriately. When handling the complaint, the complaint agency shall protect the complainant’s business secrets, confidential business information and personal privacy. No unit or individual may suppress or retaliate against the complainant.

The “Measures” undoubtedly intend to enhance the investment environment of China to foreign investments.

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