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CWCC is well positioned to manage clients’ tax-related obligations in Hong Kong, Mainland China and worldwide.

We keep abreast of developments in taxation laws to ensure compliance and to minimize clients’ tax exposure, particularly in a climate of regulatory changes.

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Our wide range of tax-related services includes:

Individual income tax filing
We assist clients in completing their individuals tax returns, lodging off-shore claims and deciding tax equalization scheme and taxation plans.

Corporate income tax filing
We specialize in Hong Kong and Mainland China tax compliance, off-shore claims, etc.

Tax investigations and field audits
We represent clients in making tax objections and appeals to the tax authorities. Our aim is to minimize disruption to clients’ business activities during the tax audit. We will ensure understanding of the procedures and implications of a tax audit and offer to jointly attend IRD interviews, as well as liaison with case officers. We also assist in the preparation and submission of settlement proposals and subsequent appeals, if any.

Tax planning, wealth protection and succession
We evaluate the business of our clients and tailor-made taxation plans for clients to achieve their business goals in a tax efficient manner, both locally and globally.
For executives and individuals, including wealth protection, inheritance tax and estate duty planning outside Hong Kong.

Global transfer pricing
Our service helps corporations reduce the tax-related costs of inter-firm transactions to optimize overall regional and global tax rates. To make the most of opportunities around this complex tax issues, we restructure clients’ business processes to transform the income and cash flow stream, establish potential synergies within the supply chain and operating structure, and realign this structure in a more tax-advantageous way. Our services run from planning to implementation and documentation.

Tax equalization
With our assistance, companies can put employees in a tax-neutral position during international assignments. Employees pay only the equivalent of home-country tax, allowing the employer to encourage and promote mobility and ensure staff’s tax compliance.

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