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CWCC has operated in Mainland China since 1994.

In addition to the office in Hong Kong, we also have offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Nanchang.

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We are ideally placed to help domestic and overseas enterprises achieve business success in the Mainland market. Equipped with our extensive experience and familiarity with languages, culture, business practices and complex legal system in China, our China consulting team has the skills and knowledge to provide complete business advisory services.

Our China business advisory service will help you

Establish operations in China
Before a business is set up in China, we conduct feasibility studies to determine whether a representative office (RO), Wholly foreign owned enterprises (WFOE) or joint venture (JV) is most suitable. We also guide clients in the preparation of necessary documentation for government approval, business registration and licensing, and assist clients to understand the procedures and administration of payroll in compliance with local reporting requirements, and meet local social security and retirement scheme requirements.

Recruit local staff
We assist clients to find, screen and interview candidates with the skills, experience and aptitude to fit specific roles. During the probationary period, we monitor candidates’ performance to assess their compatibility and potential.

Implement and maintain sound of accounting systems
With a thorough understanding of accounting methods practised in China and international markets, we set up and maintain efficient accounting systems for our clients’ China operations. This extends to preparing annual and periodic accounts, financial reports and consolidated accounts. We also provide consultations on local practices in China and offer training for mainland-based staff on the International Financial Reporting Standards and computerized accounting systems.

Expedite customs clearance
To ensure the smooth and lawful development of business in China, we help clients to understand and comply with China’s customs and excise laws and regulations. These services entail on the supervision of customs clearance procedures, providing logistical support for trade and overseas exports, arranging customs inspections, managing insurance issues, and handling of banking and shipping documentation.

Manage tax-related obligations
To ensure compliance and minimize bottom-line expenses, our experts offer China tax consultation and planning services guaranteed to be up-to-date with the latest changes in taxation laws, rules, regulations and practices. In this way, we can advise on every opportunity for savings in income tax, VAT, and individual income tax, as well as planning for global transfer pricing.

Register trademarks and patents
We assist clients in registering trademarks and patents in Mainland China, so as to protect their intellectual property.

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