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Corporate Service.

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Company Formation and Business Establishment
We assist clients to establish company in Hong Kong or other offshore jurisdictions in particular:

  • Advise on the type of business entity and the appropriate corporate structure and work with other CWCC professionals to advise on optimal structures
  • Assist in the incorporation / establishment of company, branch, representative office
  • Assist in the establishment of non-profit making company / society, charitable organization

Compliance and Company Maintenance
We assist clients to handle on-going compliance and company maintenance matters in particular:

  •  Act as company secretary
  • Act as nominee shareholder
  • Provide registered office address
  • Attend to annual statutory and regulatory compliance
  •  Maintain statutory registers and records
  • Advise and attend to the procedure for corporate changes relating to directors, shareholders, auditors, capital, name, address, bank signatories, articles of association etc.

Dissolution of Company and Business Cessation
We assist clients to suspend or cease business in particular:

  •  Advice on the way to suspend / close business
  • Assist in the deregistration / liquidation of company
  •  Assist in applying dormant status for Hong Kong companies

Bank Account Opening Support
We assist clients to open bank accounts in particular:

  •  Assist in the opening of bank accounts with banks in Hong Kong and overseas
  • Assist in dealing with banks to satisfy their due diligence and regulatory requirements

Business Licence Application
We assists clients to apply special licence relating to their business in particular:

  • Employment agency licence
  • Money lender licence
  • Money service operator licence
  • Travel agency licence
  • Licences under Securities and Futures Commission

Trademark Registration
We assist clients to register their trademarks in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions, services include:

  • Advise and assist trademark registration in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions
  • Liaise and work with patent lawyers in registering other intellectual properties in Hong Kong and other jurisdiction

Visa Application
We assist clients to apply appropriate visas for their stay in Hong Kong in particular:

  • Advise and assist in applying employment, investment, student, dependent visas in Hong Kong
  •  Advise and assist in renewing visas
  •  Advise and assist in applying right of abode (permanent residency) in Hong Kong

Legal Certification
We assist clients to provide certified documents for their use in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions in particular:

  • Assist in the provision of documents certified by Certified Public Accountant / Chartered Secretary / Companies Registry
  • Assist in the provision of documents certified by China Appointed Attesting Officer / Notary Public / offshore agent
  •  Assist in the provision of certified documents to be authenticated by China Legal Services (H.K.) Limited / Consulate / Embassy
  •  Assist in the provision of certified documents to be apostilled

CEPA Application
We assist clients to apply certificate under Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (“CEPA”) , service include:

  • Advise on the benefits and qualifications under CEPA
  • Assist in the application of Hong Kong Service Provider Certificate (“HKSP”) under CEPA
  • Assist in the renewal of HKSP Certificate

These services are provided by Acclime Corporate Services Limited, under The Trust and Corporate Service Provider Licence (TCSP licence No. TC007308).


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