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virtual Lantau 70 by Tak



On 21 November 2020, my teammates and I gathered-together at Mui Wo, Lantau Island in the morning for Virtual Lantau 70 (vLT70). It is called LT70 because it is 70km of trail running in Lantau Island. It usually takes place around end Oct but because of the Covid 19 pandemic it was canceled and the organizer arranged virtual race where we can do it anytime within a month to avoid overcrowding. Our TRab (Trail Rabbit) team had 10 runners and many team members came to help at check points. It was such a well supported race.

I have not done a long distance since April this year. So I was not too sure my pace for this distance and I kind of jump-started from Mui Wo to Ngong Ping via Sunset and Lantau Peak where there are most ups and downs. I was getting slower toward Tai O around 25km from the start. It was not an easy route because of the terrain which has lots of rocks and roots and of Lantau Peak. I started to have bad muscle cramps in my inner thighs. I usually walk them away but it was persisted for a long time. It was a tough one to persevere.

At the start in Mui Wo and at the Lantau Peak

The above: resting at Tai O

The weather and view from those mountains were superb and the weather was almost perfect.

It was about 7:00pm when I arrived Shui Hau where I met my support team. I was so happy to see them since I was all alone in dark. I took a rest about 20 min and off I went for some small climb. Next check point Chi Ma Wan was the last one and I was  greeted with one of the supporters and he ran and walked with me for the last 10km which seemed to me a never ending last route but it was great to have a company.

I made a finish line at around 12pm midnight. Last 20km was the hardest. I was sleepy and exhausted from previous 50km. However, I was very happy to make it because this is the first time I completed the LT70 route. Felt even better when a cold chocolate milk went through my throat😊



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