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Trail running and hiking in Hong Kong by Tak

August 2020

Since March 2020, I have started to do Saturday Morning Routing hikes and runs with friends. In the beginning I was wondering which route was better but we finally decided to do 20km/1300m elevation route regularly.

We gather at Mark’s & Spencer, Central, HK at 7:00am on Saturdays. We first go up the Old Peak Road to Peak Tower. This is 3 km uphill stretch (below is Old Peak road and a view from in-between trees).

Then we run 2km along Lugard Road while enjoying beautiful Victoria Harbor view on our right (See pics below).

Reaching the small park, we go up to High West about 650m (amazing view on the fine day and night, you can see quite a lot of stars at night in summer; see pics below)

and come down the same way and take a rest (1km) on Lugard Road back to Peak Tower.

Up to now the distance is about 7.3km. Then, we run down Barker Road all the way and go into Black’s Link’s up and down. After that, reach to Wong Nai Chung Gap Road Oasis (petrol station shop) where we can top up water or any other drinks of your choice.

After this, we go on to the highlight of the route, uphill challenge. The last 5km has a several climbs which can be tough under high temperature and humidity. It is a good route for training our physical as well as mental strength. First hill is called Violet Hill (see pics below).

and it leads to the start of the famous Twins (left pic below is Twins).

The finish is on Stanley Road where there is bus stop and those buses will take us to the Stanley where we can take shower and there are many eateries to celebrate the finish of training. (The pic below is just sooooo amazing after the hike!)

You can see the route of this trail in the below link.

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