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The Hong Kong Government has set up a HK$30 billion virus relief fund, a summary is listed as below:

  • The Hong Kong Government will continue to acquire surgical masks globally. A portion of the fund will be directed towards subsidizing private corporations to locally manufacture, research and develop reusable surgical masks.
  • HK$4.7 billion will be earmarked for the Hospital Authority to acquire more personal protective gear for frontline staff.
  • The electronic monitoring systems for those under home-quarantine will be upgraded.
  • Provide one-off cash injections to the affected sectors and the respective employee. The sectors include, such as retailers, food and drink service providers, transport companies, students, the arts and culture sector, guest houses and travel agents, construction contractor and workers, etc.
  • Will grant HK$26,000 each month to private and public housing management companies to subsidize cleaning, whilst HK$1,000 will be granted for each security staff member.
  • Special incentive of HK$6,000 will be given to the future residents of the two soon-to-open public housing estates which were converted to quarantine centres.

Should you have any questions on these, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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