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Going up to High West by Tak

Evening Ritual (June 2021)

I am making a rule to do some evening hike up to High West. I did 123 times in 2021 and I am continuing to do that going into 2021. It is not easy to do it every day so I try to do it 3 to 4 times a week making about 15 times a month.

During the week, I change into running gear around 6pm after office hour and leave the office around 6:20pm to get on the Star Ferry heading to Central Pier. Pick up a rice ball and a drink at a shop just before getting into the ferry. The view from the ferry is always amazing. HK is offering me such a great feeling.

After arriving at the other side, I walk fast to the starting point in Central (next to Mark & Spencer along Wyndham Street) and going up to the Old Peak Road. This route is very steep and it is a good training for legs and cardio. It is more than 300m

Elevation to the Peak Galleria.

Photo: View from Star Ferry


After arriving at the Peak Galleria, the most difficult part is done. It is mostly flat way for about 2km on Lugard Road before reaching the small park where the entrance to  High West is found.

Photo: High West platform and signboard








Photo: Curtain of rain view from High West platform

Photo: Beautiful view from High West at night

How many times I come up here does not make me feel it is worth less. It is always gives me wonderful feeling shine or rain. Why don’t you try it. Let’s go up together😊

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