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(EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment – CAI) #2

Highlights of CAI
Impact to EU investors in China market

1.  China’s market access commitments:

Automotive Sector: 1) Remove and phase out joint venture requirements. 2) Allow market access for new energy vehicles.

Finance Services: 1) Continue the liberalization of the financial services sector 2) Joint venture requirements and foreign equity caps removed for banking, securities and insurance (including reinsurance), as well as asset management.

Health (private hospitals): Offer new market opening by lifting joint venture requirements for private hospitals in key Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Other industries include: R&D (biological resources), telecommunication/cloud services, computer services, international maritime transport, air transport-related services, environmental services, business services, and a few more.

With relaxation of these industries, Chinese local enterprises will face greater challenges, and will have to compete on level playing fields with European enterprises. Competition will no doubt create benefits to consumers and improvements of the market.

2. Key commitments by China to Make Investments Fairer:

State Owned Enterprises: China undertakes the obligation to provide, upon request, specific information to allow for the assessment of whether the behavior of a specific enterprise complies with CAI obligations.

Transparency in subsidies: The CAI will oblige China to engage in consultations to provide additional information on subsidies that could have negative effects on the investment interests of the EU.

Standard setting, authorizations, transparency: China will provide equal access to standard setting bodies for EU companies.

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