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Hong Kong 100 Flex

Hong Kong 100 Flex

On 6 February, 2021 my teammates and I gathered-together at PTC (Pak Tam Chung) at 8:00am for Hong Kong 100 Flex. Every year there is a race called Vibram Hong Kong 100 in one go with all the participants where you run and climb up and down the mountain range mostly along MacLehose trail (some part not). However, this year, the organization decided to do HK100 Flex where you can do it in one go or in pieces within one month because of Covid19. I decide to do in one go, nevertheless.


Photo: At PTC, with my team members. There were lots of participants.

Photo: with Seto;


I tried not to go too fast at the earlier stage so that my energy is kept for the second half. But my toes have been crying from the pain by incessant movement in the shoes. And the worst came at the end of Mac3 where I was looking for my support team. I accidentally kicked the concrete step with my left toe so hard and I believed that a part of nail came off from the base of my toe. It was excruciating pain and my body system messed up and suddenly felt so freezing. In order to warm myself I had to start moving immediately irrespective of the pain in my toe. From there I was completely alone in the dark trying to catch up my team member. I was pretty fine climbing up but the problem was when I need to climb down. It was so painful that my speed went down significantly. I caught up and passed my teammate when climbing up but was caught back and passed when climbing down. This chase continued for a while. I did not know but somehow I passed him somewhere and I was in the lead up to Sha Tin Pass.

Photo: Just after I hit my left toe against concrete step.

Photo: At Sha Tin Pass, I was really in pain by this time with many support teammates.


I arrived at Sha Tin Pass and my teammate arrived around 10 minutes later. Owing to the pain in my toe I have decided to discontinue the race for the day and plan to come back to do the rest of the way to the TMS (Tai Mo Shan) next week. The distance done was about 75km in 16 hours and 38 min. Considering the pain it was not too bad.


On 13 February 2021, I and my other teammates got together and accompany me to finish the race. The pain in my toe is still pretty much alive but determined to complete the next 28km.

At Beacon Hill

Photo: After Shing Mun BBQ place we reached to famous Needle Hill.

Unfortunately, when climbing down the part of Needle Hill my compression got caught by the metal pile that support the thin concrete board to stop the earth and sand from flushing down. I lost balance and fell down hard but this “caught” action actually helped to keep me where I fell as well. I had cuts and bruises and later realized my left shoulder was hit pretty hard.



On the way to Tai Mo Shan and the observatory.

The weather was good (by this time everyone left so I was all alone).

Finish line at TMS kiosk

Yep, I completed another challenge and could not wait to go home😊

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